How to Choose Bathroom Vanities 

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If you’re installing bathroom vanities in your newly constructed house, you’ll find out that you have several materials to choose from. It’s very important that you make the right choice when it comes to these things, especially if you would like to make the bathroom the most comfortable part of your home. Doing so will also add a lot to your home’s market value. 


One of the basic things that you need is to decide upon are the cabinets. If you have installed painted bathroom vanities, your choices may include medium density fiberboard, plywood, and solid wood. Which one should you use? Here’s a guide to choosing bathroom vanities that’s just right for the space that you have.  

How to Choose Bathroom Cabinets 

If you’re looking to add painted cabinets to your bathroom, those three materials are all great choices. When installing cabinets, you must pay extra attention to the door panels because those are the things that you’ll first when you step inside. The best choice would be hardwood plywood with close grains, such as birch plywood or the solid hardwood types, such as maple. Birchwood is also ideal for use on shelves, tall drawers, and cabinet sides. On the other hand, maple works best on small drawers, cabinet face frames, and door frames. 

Medium Density Fiberboard or MDF can be used for painted cabinetry as well but unfortunately, it won’t last as long as hardwood due to is lower resistance to the moisture and high humidity conditions in bathrooms. They would shrink and expand due to the changes in the humidity, which will cause the paint to crack.  

Whatever material you use for your vanities, the most important thing is installing a good-sized exhaust fan for the bathroom. It has to be properly vented to the outside in order to remove any moisture forming inside the bathroom. You should run the exhaust fan when you’re using the bathroom and until 20 minutes after.   

How to Choose Bathroom Vent Fans 

When choosing bathroom vent fans, an important consideration is the size of your bathroom. These fans move air on a certain rating measured by cubic feet per minute. The idea is to get them to change the air inside the bathroom eight times in an hour. Bathrooms that have an 8-inch ceiling then the rating for your vent fan must be similar to the area of the room measured in square feet. For this instance, a 50 CFM bathroom vent fan would work. But if your bathroom higher ceiling is higher than 8 inches, you would need a much larger fan.  

You’d actually benefit from installing bigger fans because they can remove moisture in the air when you’re showering. Use those with a rating of 80 to 110 CFM. It would also help if there’s at least a 5/8-inch gap under the bathroom door to let fresh air to enter the bathroom even if the door is closed. As a rule of thumb, a bathroom with higher ceilings would need a bathroom vent fan with at least 200 CFM rating. 

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