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Hassle, stressed and extra expenses this are the things that comes to mind when you think about your truck getting towed without your permission. Tow truck drivers are hardly at fault for these, they are only following orders and the fault would always lie on you, the person who did not take care of and follow the rules and got their vehicle towed.

Cars, in general, are very convenient invention that has come a long way since its first conception. You can find people driving cars all the time, going to the grocery, grabbing some food or going shopping, going to work or just about anywhere. However, there are rules to be followed to ensure that the road is as systematic and less problematic in both the pedestrians and the drivers itself.

So, what are the reasons that your car gets towed without your permission, and how do you avoid them.


You saw the sign, you know the rules but you still parked in a no parking zone. If that happens then you should expect your car to be towed in no time. So, park on a spot that is for parking. When you park in a space that isn’t meant for you to park in. It could mean a really bad case for you or the people that you would be causing hassle because you were selfish and lazy.


When both your car registration and your driver’s license is expired expect for your car to be towed. Even one of those can be a reason for car towing. It has nothing to do with you personally but it is a rule of state and so officers have to follow. So, don’t worry about it, you will be fine as long as you have the registration and license that is valid.


Your vehicle should also be in good running condition with all its faculties running smoothly. If you don’t have a side mirror that could be bad. If you don’t have a signal light or a proper wiper you can find yourself looking for your vehicle. So, unless you want to get in trouble. You want to make sure that your car is in good condition.


If you park your car in a private property and it’s just your luck that you get stuck with the owner who doesn’t like it, they can have your car towed with your paying for all the services just because you are in a private property. So, if you really must park your car in the property. Ask the owner for permission before doing so, so that there are no misunderstanding and hassle later.

So, as a driver you should always remember that while on the road you should never put yourself in danger as well as others around you. It can be exhilarating to go for a fast drive but unless you’re in the track don’t do it.

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